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​​Sewer Service Line Installation:  
We can install a new sewer service line from 4" up to 6" from inside the building out to the city main in the street. We can also install a Liner inside of an existing sewer service line to stop tree root intrusion or extend the life of the pipe for another 50 plus years.​

​​Sewer Service Line Repair: 

We can cut and remove a bad section of pipe on an existing sewer service line and replace with new pipe.  We can replace numerous sections of pipe or install a liner from a spot to another spot. We offer our customers many different repair options, please contact us today to discuss your best option.

​​Sewer Service Disconnect and Re-Connect: 

We can plug an existing sewer service line in the Boulevard.  We then can run a camera in the line to make sure that it can be re-used as a new service line by lining out to the city main.

Sewer Service Lining or CIPP: 

We can install a liner from an excavation, which can help the structure of the pipe and extend the integrity of the life of the existing sanitary sewer service line.  Liners help in repairing deep sewers and rehabilitating lines under landscaping, concrete or areas that you don't want to excavate on.

Video Inspection of Sewer Service: 

We can view and or record on a video camera the condition of the sanitary sewer service line.

​Trace/Locate of Sewer Service Line: 
We can locate a sewer service line by using a camera and tracer. We can mark out the layout of the sewer line and where the line may take turns and bends as we work your way out towards the city main from the building.

Man Hole Installation & Rebuilding:  
We install man holes on new construction when needed and when an old man hole is completely shot.  We also rebuild man holes that are falling apart when cement breaks down from the weather.

Storm Sewer Installation and Repair:

We can install storm sewers up to 12" pipe.

Dry Well Tank Installation: 

We can install dry well tanks for rain run off to go into the ground.

Water Service Line Installation:  
We install Copper water service lines from the city main to the meter of the building ranging in size from 3/4" up to 2".  We can also install water service lines from the stop box to the city main or even from the stop box to the meter of the building.  All depends.

Water Service Line Repair:

We can repair a water service line by changing out a bad or faulty valve at the meter or stop box by freezing the water service line to complete the repair.

Water Service Line Disconnect and Re-Connect: 

We can disconnect and plug a water service line at the city main.  This has to be done for a demolition.

Water Service Stop Box Installation and Repair: 

We can excavate on the stop box and repair as needed to make operational again.